Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Got a letter from the ABC a few days ago.  Apparently, they went ahead and gave Wal-Mart an interim license to sell liquor.  No mention of when the administrative hearing on a permanent license will be held.

Got another letter

Letters in plain brown envelopes are going out, asking if you want to continue your protest against the Wal-Mart ABC license.  To do so, you need to affirmatively check that you wish to continue your protest and send it back to ABC.


When you get your letter, I would encourage you to send it back "yes" to keep your options open.  We need to make sure that alcohol sales at Wal-Mart are contained.

Deadline to return your letter is Nov. 15

If you haven't already sent in your request for a hearing, you'd better send it out by Monday.  It's got to get to Sacramento by Wednesday.