Weekly Meetings on Hiatus

After four years, it's time for a break.  So the weekly meetings at the Amberwood complex on on hiatus.  We're not sure when we'll begin regular meetings again.  But this website and the e-mail list will continue.  And, of course, we still have the phone tree.

There are also tentative plans for a potluck picnic in October.

It'll be fun to have some purely social time together.  I'll post more information on the picnic when it becomes available.

In the meantime, thanks again for your past support.  We didn't win the recall election, but we did shake up this city's body politic.

So here's to better luck in March!

November 11, Noon

That's the new time for the potluck picnic.  I'll post additional details a bit later.  But most of you have probably already received the flyer in the mail.