Wal-Mart Hiring Mercenaries to Fight the Ground War

Folks, we've recently become aware that one of the Wal-Mart front groups in Rosemead is offering jobs paying as much as $14/hour to walk precincts for them in Rosemead.  Of course, they're already paying people to make those fake "survey" phone calls to Rosemead voters.  And when they start making explicitly political phone calls in a few weeks, it will again be paid employees interrupting everyone's dinner.  Guess this really puts the lie to their claim that there's some great groundswell of support for their Supercenter in Rosemead:  They need to pay people to do what we're willing to do for free.


It's also more than a little ironic that they plan to pay their walkers more than they pay their regular employees.  Indeed, they're probably telling everyone who applies for one of their regular jobs that they should work for their front group in Rosemead to win the recall election for them.  Poor saps probably don't know that Wal-Mart plans to fill the vast majority of their vacancies in Rosemead with transferred employees from their out-of-town stores.  Even if Wal-Mart manages to buy the September Recall election, there are going to be precious few jobs for actual Rosemead residents at the Rosemead Supercenter.


Nonetheless, this does further dramatize the importance of putting feet on the ground.  We need every able body we can muster on the weekends and evenings walking precincts.  Soon, we'll also need the differentially abled to help on the phone lines.  So, thanks to those of you who have already pitched in to help.  And thanks also to those who will soon heed the trumpet calls and join us in this campaign.  Together, "Si, Se Puede!"

Kevin McCall Plays Dumb

"Kevin McCall could not confirm whether Wal-Mart is paying for precinct walkers."  That's what it said in today's SGV Tribune.  What it should have said is that McCall could not deny that Wal-Mart was paying walkers.

I'm told McCall is a perfectly decent guy in person.  Too bad he has to spend so many of his working hours lying for Wal-Mart.