Free Building Materials

(Sorry about the post to the front page - I meant to keep the gripe in the forums.)

Here's a note I got from sgv freecycle.  In Monrovia, there's a law that says if someone's demolishing a house, they have to let the scavengers come and pick the parts.  Sounds like a good idea that helps people be more "green".


There is an old house on N. Primrose Ave (just north of foothill blvd) in
Monrovia 91016 that is going to be knocked down pretty soon. The rules in
Monrovia say that the owner is obligated to give up any and all building
materials that someone in the public wants as long as they speak up and say
they want them. There is a public notice sign out front with the all the

The house is at least 80 years old and probably has at least a few usufull
items for someone.