What's up with the COPTERS?

What the HELL was going on with the helicopters moving the AC units onto the roof?  That was out of control.  The fences were being knocked down because of the winds the helicoptor raised.  I won't mention what I was thinking at that moment, because it's against the law.

Why don't they just use a crane to lift the things?  Too slow?  Won't open the store fast enough?  Jeez.

This really blows!

Yeah, I'd guess between 100 and 150 yards of fencing along Rush St. blew down, and about fifty yards along Delta.  We're fortunate that the only casualties were a couple of trees along Rush, plus Mike Lewis' car.

And, speaking of that car:  BATCHI!

I think that copter must have been hovering back and forth over that building for two or three hours.  The noise was so loud you had to shout to be heard by someone three feet away.  That's probably an OSHA violation.  Anyone know?