Meanwhile, to our north. . . .

A few weeks ago, our neighbors to the north attempted to turn in petitions seeking to referendum to put the ordinances that permitted the Piazza Las Tunas development to a vote.  The Temple City Neighborhood Alliance opposes this development because they believe it will bring excessive traffic to an already-impacted corner, and change the character of their city.  Ironically, in the EIR regarding the project, the developer could use the "F" rating for traffic at this intersection to his advantage.  An "F" is as low as you can go, so adding additional car trips to an intersection that is already "F" is "not a significant impact."

So that's two parallels to us here in Rosemead.  First, as happened to us here in Rosemead, an entrenched interest is trying to obstruct the will of the people by relying on legal technicalities to keep an issue off the ballot.  Second, the developer's EIR downplayed traffic concerns using an evaluation system that actually rewards bringing additional trips to a gridlocked area.

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[Revised July 4, 2006]