Recall Election Back On!?

On Friday, May 26, it was announced that Judge Klausner had lifted the preliminary restraining order against our recall election.  I haven't yet read his full decision (I don't even know if he issued a written decision).  So our much-anticipated election is probably going to be back on.  The story in Saturday's San Gabriel Valley Tribune is linked below:

You might also want to check with to see if Rick Hasen has any other updates about our election posted there.

The Rosemead City Council will meet in special session on Tuesday, June 6 at 8pm to reschedule the recall election that should have been held back on February 7.  We, of course, hope the election date will be set as early as possible in the August 15 - September 19 window that the state-certified vendors for election ballots identified.  The incumbents have already enjoyed four months in office that they are not entitled to.  Let's not give them a day longer than is necessary to assure a fair and legal election.

[edited 6/1/06]