Movie Boycott

No new posts in a while, so I'll go ahead with this one:

My wife and I saw a preview for "Over the Hedge" a few months ago.  Actually looked like something we might like (we're funny that way).  It seemed to be a story of suburban sprawl and its effects on local wildlife.

Then, a few weeks later, we started seeing "tie-in" advertisements on television.  Wal-Mart is apparently the official retail partner of the movie.  How's that for irony?  The epitomy of big-box sprawl wants to be associated with the wildlife that they destroy and displace?  And DreamWorks SKG, which has about as much money as God, selling out on their "message" for money.

That's fine.  The business of business is to make money.  And I know that our decision not to see the movie will affect the bottom line of DreamWorks SKG by all of about $15 out of the tens or hundreds of millions this movie will make for them.  But it's our $15, and, because of their choice of retail partner, they're not getting it. :-P