Alcoholic Beverage Control--Informational Meeting

"Representatives from the Department of Alcoholic Bevarges Control will be explaining the ABC hearing and protest process as it relates to the Wal-Mart application in the city of Rosemead."

Evergreen Baptist Church, 1255 San Gabriel Blvd, Rosemead, CA  91770.  The ABC contact name is Hilarie Vasquez, at 626-927-1060.

Apparently the ABC wants to "educate" us about the licensing process.  Attend the meeting if you can, both to learn about the process and to let them know that you oppose a 24-hour liquor outlet across the street from an elementary school.

Good turnout

Thanks to all the SOC friends and supporters who turned out to the ABC informational meeting last week.  I have heard anywhere from 75-125 people packed the meeting room at Evergreen Church to voice their opposition to Wal-Mart's 24-hour liquor license.  They did hear from us and they do know that there's real opposition to allowing 24-hour liquor sales across the street from an elementary school.