Earthquake Fault

Lola wrote:

There is new evidence that the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake ruptured a small, independent, east-trending fault and was not part of the northwest-trending blind fault extending across the north Los Angeles. A previously-unrecognized south-dipping source was found. 

7:42 AM, October 1, 1987 a 5.9 magnitude "blind-thrust" quake ruptured the surface 750 yards from the proposed Wal-Mart Building. The perceived shaking was violent, the potential damage was heavy and the instrumental intensity was a 9. The Title Insurance Building (1683 Walnut Grove) was severly damaged. The ground level slab of concrete was made into a bi-level first floor. This was the Whittier Narrows earthquake.

Also damaged was Edison Co. (2131 and 2134 Walnut Grove) and the CalFed building (1515 Walnut Grove).  An aftershock on 10-4-87 with a magnitude of 5.5 further damaged the above buildings.