How to get more people aware?

StopCorporateGreed wrote:

Hi, I am a resident in Rosemead and I'm about to transfer to UCLA in Sept. Just last Spring I attended Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) and I got involved with the Mt. SAC Campus Greens and Global Resistance Network, two active clubs on campus. They joined together and we did a series of Wal-Mart protests (in Upland, Glendora, Baldwin Park). We attended the West Covina City Council meeting along with workers' unions and gave our side of the story against establishing a Wal-Mart there. That Council turned down Wal-Mart's request with a 3-2 vote.

I'm not around this city much because I was always around the Mt. SAC Walnut/Covina area. Just a couple days ago I saw a neighbor with a lawn sign supporting this global corporation. Now I see three lawn signs. I'm wondering if we have lawn signs of our own against Wal-Mart, and if enough people know about the cause.

I still keep in touch with the clubs at Mt. SAC...they would be more than willing to show up at the Rosemead City Council meeting to speak. It would also be great to involve workers' unions and the folks from Inglewood to help our city. I know that we CAN defeat this greedy corporation from invading OUR city!!!!!

I've already signed the online petition, and I am ready to help send the message to the citizens of Rosemead. Because...what do we want? JUSTICE! when do we want it? NOW!!!!!!