Toll Lanes on the Way

Sometime in the next day or so, the Age of Congestion Pricing comes to Los Angeles. That's when the High Occupancy Lanes above and along the Harbor Freeway (I-110, from downtown to the Century Freeway, I-105) open. Or, depending on your point of view, that's when they close.

You won't be able to drive those lanes unless you have a transponder. Since MTA is reporting only about 30,000 transponders distributed, I'm betting those lanes will either be awfully empty or the CHP will be awfully busy writing tickets come Sunday or Monday.

Getting a transponder will cost you about $40--less if you are a AAA or Costco member, or if you qualify for a lower-cost option. That includes the first installment of tolls you will pay if you enter the lanes as a single or less-than minimum number of people in your car. It's free if you're a carpool, but you still need the transponder to drive the lanes.

Next spring, the toll lanes come to the San Bernardino (I-10) Freeway, between the 605 and downtown.