The big sucking sound moves to Altadena

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Should commentors plan to gain backlinks then they should at least have the decency to try and post a themed and thorough response. All comment spam will do is hurt your SEO efforts and generates worthless backlinks. The only way to behave is to befriend fellow bloggers who have blogs of a similar theme and generate totally targeted traffic by leaving a well thought out reply. I hope future commenters might give this some thought prior to posting after me, We live in hope.

This comment was weird, but I

This comment was weird, but I saw no worthless backlink, so I went ahead and approved it. This lets me note that I shifted the blog to require moderator approval for anonymous comments. I used to be inclined to let anything go, but then I read an article that applied the "broken window" thesis to websites, and I found that persuasive. No sense in allowing virtual graffiti or obvious trolls get their jollies here.

Anonymous comments are still allowed, and anything on-topic will be approved.

Sounds good

I think that path makes more sense given the volume of spam.

Interesting comments at patch

There were some interesting comments there.

I think people are more into fighting Wal Mart because it's the big corporation, and at some level, it's a more valuable victory to get them to bend.