Mexicali Chinatown

I. was our electrician, from Mexico, and he told me that there were a lot of Chinese in Mexico. Wow. Didn't know. Mexicali. Now I'm reading here and there, and come across Mexicali, and there it is - Chinese in Mexicali.

William Vollman writes a bit about the old culture there.

Here's a picture of the restaurant mentioned, circa today. on google maps

There's more Chinese storefronts and association doorways on the surrounding streets.

That's a few blocks south of the US/Mexico border, and not too many miles south of Coachella and the Salton Sea.

When you get out of the commercial area, into the residential area, it starts to look different. Sometimes, more messed up, but usually, it's a bit cleaner, and looks more like parts of LA than anything else.

There are even gated communities with larger houses and maybe even McMansions.

If you look HERE there's a small neighborhood with the street names Alta Loma, Balboa, San Clemente, Pasadena, Coronado, Santa Fe, San Jose, Ventura, El Cajon, Imperial, Pomona, Escondido, Arcadia, Cerritos, Chulavista, Malibu, and Mission Viejo.

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