Vietnamese Freedom Flag

Nice explanatory article about the Vietnamese Freedom Flag, which has flown over Rosemead around April 30 each of the past three years. Sad thing is that the San Gabriel Valley Tribune never wrote these explanatory articles when John Tran was mayor, but they did publish letters from racists who thought the Asians were taking over.

I also see that Steven Ly claims to be Vietnamese this month. Last month, when the Tribune published a crazy-stupid "editorial" (really, a Wal-Mart press release that touted a Wal-Mart-sponsored study that showed how good Wal-Mart is for communities) in support of building a Wal-Mart in Chinatown, he was Chinese.

so you're saying

Steven Lys? Shocker.


I thought the flag was some anti-Communist thing, kind of like what the Cubans in Miami do.

I think the Trib is a joke. They probably think Democrats are communists, like that crazy guy Glen Beck.