Four Cities Propose Regional Bike Plan; Rosemead not among them

The SGV Tribune has some goofy Earth Day-related stories today. Here's one of them.

Okay, it's not necessarily goofy. It just seems odd that South El Monte, El Monte, Baldwin Park and Monterey Park are working together on a regional bike plan. What I wonder is, how do they plan to like Monterey Park with the other cities without going through Rosemead?

Rosemead is working on one

So far as I know, the City is not yet heavily engaged with other cities on a regional plan, but it does have a Citywide plan that incorporates some cooperation with our neighbors going before Council on Tuesday. If approved, it will ultimately include, among other things, bike lanes on our major thoroughfares. Garvey Avenue. The one planned for Garvey - a very heavily used bike route already - would help provide the link between Monterey Park and the other cities.

The City has also been working with Temple City for some time now to coordinate the two cities' bike lane developments on Rosemead Boulevard.

Rosemead will also be going for CalTrans grant funding to implement at least a portion of the plan.