Crime in the City

A little late to be posting this, I know, but for those who are interested and can make it to the Public Safety Center (8301 Garvey Ave) Thursday (the 19th) night at 7:00 for the monthly Community Safety Meeting....

Sergeant Moreno and Deputy Farley from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Rosemead Special Assignment Team, will provide an update on home and vehicle burglaries that have occurred in Rosemead between January 2012 and March 2012.

In addition, the workshop will provide tips on how to safeguard your homes and vehicles and how to stay alert to discourage burglars from victimizing our community. This is a free workshop and everyone is welcome. This workshop is highly recommended for all Block Captains, block groups, school officials, business owners, and concerned residents.

This is the first time they've discussed specific City crime info in a while, so if you're interested (as I am), please show up and tell them so.