Jeremy Lin Double Standard

I don't watch Saturday Night Live very often, and I didn't watch it very long last night. However, the cold open was hilarious.

(Gotta wait through a commercial or two, but since it's the cold open, you don't have to sit through the whole show to see the skit).

The Asian Double Standard

I have to admit, I've been caught up in the whole "Lin-sanity" thing too. The SNL skit was spot on and there IS a double standard.

Asians generally tend to do better financially and academically, whether here for many generations or recent immigrants, so the "majority" and "other minorities" don't tend to classify Asians as a typical "protected class" as with Hispanics and blacks.

However, they do bleed and get their feelings hurt just like everyone else. So, more "cultural sensitivity" could be warranted by his fellow team mates as well as sport writers.