This is not over!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am proud to have stood with you at the December 5th Rosemead city council meeting. I was shocked and dismayed with the action taken by my colleagues. The suspension of the recall election of Council Members Jay Imperial and Gary Taylor once again puts a muzzle on the voice of the people. This is not only an act of desperation but a shameful attempt of circumventing the democratic process. This delay would only lead to unnecessary legal expenses for the taxpayers of this city.

I believe that the residents of Rosemead deserve better! They deserve leadership that will be responsive and adhere to their concerns. Unfortunately, Mr. Imperial, Mr. Taylor and the outside interests represented by Wal-Mart consultant Mike Lewis continue to disregard the people’s will. The claim that the recall petitions were defective is a direct slap in the face of the residents of Rosemead as well as the members of Save Our Community. Mr. Imperial and Mr. Taylor have established a record of turning their back on this community. This most recent threat is consistent with their pattern of behavior.

I want to publicly commend and applaud the members of Save Our Community and those involve in the recall efforts for their commitment to democratic principles. They were keen on following the election rules and wholeheartedly trusted the knowledge and expertise held by the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorders’ office, the City Clerk’s office and the City Attorney.

Keep your eyes on the prize! Together, we will create a better Rosemead!

In solidarity,

Councilman John Tran