The Party of "You Lie!" has become the Party of "You Die!"

The Yahoo news page has a story about the cheering and "YEAHS!" hollered in response to a hypothetical question asked at the "Tea Party" Republican Presidential debate, asking if an uninsured person who fell into a coma should be treated or forced to die.

It would appear all pretense of "compassionate conservatism" has passed by the wayside.

I watched the video, and it's a little misleading to say "the crowd" hollered, but several individuals in the crowd did holler, and I didn't hear any gasps of outrage at such a view.

The question asked does raise a legitimate quesion about why an insurance mandate was considered necessary. In the end, if an uninsured person were to seek treatment, of course he/she would get it. Not buying insurance becomes just another way of shifting costs, and allows the uninsured to get a free ride on the compassion of the public.

I read that one of Ron Paul's

I read that one of Ron Paul's campaign people died of pneumonia. He had no insurance, and left his family 400k of debt.