Whats the real reason for the RECALL?

I was at the Dec 5 city coucel meeting, while i was there i was wondering what the real reason for the recall was. Half the time the recall was for other reason then Wal-Mart, even Bob Bursh in a tv intereview said it wasn't about Wal-Mart and it had nothing to do with it at all. But then the other half of the time, I WAS ALL about Wal-Mart. I would like to know, what is the the recall really about? I personlly am against the recall, I know that the voted in favor of Wal-Mart and a majority of people in the southern part of the the city didn't want a Wal-Mart but I dont think thats enough of a reason to recall someone and not just wait to there term is up. Is there another reason for the recall? What have the councilmembers done, other then Wal-Mart? Please tell me, I want to know how I should vote.

Oh, and, personlly, do you guys at Save Our Community and most of the people againts Wal-Mart realize how your just a little rude. Respect your fellow man and you might get some respect back..(The same goes for PRIDE too) Lets keep city counil meetings a friedly place.

Thank you.

If someone was trampling all over your civil rights. . . .

. . . . You'd be a little angry, too.

I agree that some of the folks arguing for the recall did get out of line. But you need to keep in context what the city council has been doing to them. SOC volunteers spent months gathering referendum petition signatures, then were told that their work was all for naught. SOC volunteers spent months gathering recall petition signatures, and were again told that their work was for naught.

It's easy to be a good sport when the city council is always ruling your way, and it's hard to be a good sport when the city council keeps changing the rules on you.

In terms of what the recall is all about, there are as many reasons as there are signatures on our recall petitions. Misters Taylor and Imperial have been on city council for nearly thirty years each, and, for a lot of people, that in itself is a reason for recall. What accomplishments can they point to? What changes in the city can they personally take credit for, as opposed to just things that happened while they were in office? So one reason for the recall is that these guys haven't done anything to keep Rosemead on par with San Gabriel or even El Monte in terms of economic growth, development, and diversity of businesses and residential areas. Where is the affordable housing? Where is the central shopping district? How does the Rosemead section of Valley Blvd compare to the San Gabriel section of Valley Blvd, or the El Monte portion of Valley Blvd?

Reason number two is the autocratic way in which they run things. Again, as a result of the length of time they have been in office, they tend to think that they know better than we do what's best for the city. So, for example they actually claimed that there was no conflict of interest when they voted to prevent the recall election that would determine if they would stay in office. Honestly, can you actually look at that vote last night and say that it was NOT a conflict of interest?

So reason three is their lack of accountability. They have basically blown off any suggestion that came from Tran or Nunez during the past eight months. Adopt a credit card that would make city employees more accountable? No. Study the possiblity of changing our public safety contract with the L.A. County Sheriff's department? No. Considering taking control of Rosemead Blvd so that we could better guide development along one of the major arteries within our state? No. Enforce our contract with Consolidated Disposal? No.

It was all no, no, no, no. No changes from the status quo. And not only did they keep saying no, but they also distorted these issues in their mailers opposing the recall. No, no, no, no, no. That is, until the recall petitions appeared to be succeeding. Then, of course, it was, Yes, yes, yes. Add more sheriff officers patroling Rosemead? Yes. Renegotiate with Consolidated? Yes. Improve our anti-graffiti program? Yes.

It shouldn't take 30 years and 4,800 petition signatures to get these guys to do what they are elected to do.


I've got to keep my comments brief because I have work to do. And I would reiterate that I'm only speaking as a private citizen, and not on behalf of Save Our Community.

Imperial, Taylor, and Clark Ignore Residents

Council members Imperial, Taylor, and Clark continue to band together in desparate, back-against-the-wall efforts to ignore and defeat the wishes of Rosemead residents. Their latest attempt to invite WalMart in before anyone can stop them is, putting it simply, shameful and pitiful. However, because none of the three know the meaning of the word integrity, they will continue to seek whatever ruse, trick or hoodwinkery that may, at the moment, seem to work for them. Cancelling the recall election is their latest bit of claim to illegitimacy. Those supporting them will neither read nor comment on this subject, because they know the citizens of Rosemead do not want WalMart here -- and want Imperial and Taylor gone as well. The courts, I predict, will force them to reverse.