Foot Massage Problems

Foot Massage is being affected by the recession.

Now, here's some crazy info: there are sites that review the massage parlors that are fronts for prostitution. It's crazy. You can search for RubMaps and find them.

The last several paragraphs

The last several paragraphs in the linked story are repeated. Not surprising they're struggling; there are so many of them, and only so many sore feet to massage.

I'm always skeptical of the reviews related to prostitution, because if it was that open, the cops would have shut them down long ago. IMHO, of course.

I'm still surprised how many

I'm still surprised how many foot massage places are in business. The competition must be brutal.

Or they are cops

Or the massage parlors are cops' sting operations.

But, at another level, the cops probably figure that keeping it indoors is better than having streetwalkers.