Name that park!

A couple of comments were recently posted about a proposed new park, which would run from San Gabriel Blvd southwest, along an Edison right-of-way, crossing Pine and going to Falling Leaf.

The posters support the park, but are upset with the proposed name for the new park: Jay Imperial Park.

I agree with them: The proposed name for this park is unacceptable.

Pushing for a park to be named after someone who left office not the most popular person in Rosemead, and who made absolutely no contribution towards the creation of this particular park, is selfish and illogical.

Putting it in park.

The Council approved the measure on a 4-1 vote after a group of Jay's friends and supporters each spoke in favor of it - along with one person who suggested it be put out to the public. Polly voted no, but declined to state a reason, saying that she didn't want to spoil the mood.

Ridiculous, but exactly what

Ridiculous, but exactly what you would expect from the little hose bags running the city.


Maybe you can take your dog there.


Henceforth this park shall be called-PENDEJO PARKbdgB

I vote for this one.

I vote for this one.

This is stupid. Why wouldn't

This is stupid. Why wouldn't they name the park after him? He was a big deal in Rosemead. He accomplished allot of great things in his life. Do you guys even know he died a couple months ago? assholes.

He did not accomplish

He did not accomplish anything of significance in his 30+ years on the city council. No one else in the history of city politics has anything in the city named after them. Is Jay Imperial the best Rosemead has to offer? If so, that's just sad.

Jay who?

I lived in the area for years. He represents the other side of Rosemead. No one can put their hand on the bible and say he gave a rats a$$ about that area.

BTW-Don't name Fern's (Temple) gym after John Tran. It should be named after Mr. Yamada, period.

Y-A-M-A-D-A. Ya-ma-da. :D

Y-A-M-A-D-A. Ya-ma-da. :D

Did half of you shit talkers

Did half of you shit talkers even know him? Obviously not. He was the nicest person ever, you needed something he would do his best to help. He deserves this.


We didn't know him because he never came around. I only know what he looked like because of something sent in the mail. You can name RSMD High School after him for all I care.

Like Yamada would say "talk to your cousin" because you don't know what's going on.

I asked for a recall

I asked for a recall election, and he sued the city to stop it. Cost the city over $300,000. If you don't have faith in the voters of your city, you have no right to represent them. Naming a park after him is a travesty.

I think it's funny that his

I think it's funny that his supporter needs to resort to expletives to say what nice guy he was. Something ironic about that.

Although, now that he's six feet under, I guess we all can agree that, deep down, he's a great guy!

I know a lot of Rosemead

I know a lot of Rosemead residents that would disagree with you on Jay's niceness. But even if it were true, was he the nicest man in the history of Rosemead? No other man in Rosemead has a park named after them.