Who's the Next Mayor of Rosemead?

At the next city council meeting, once the election results are officially certified, the next order of business will be to pick a new mayor and mayor pro tem. Polly Low is overdue for this honor, since she's been on the council for four years. It will be interesting to see if the council members who insist that they don't do "negative voting" anymore will actually practice what they preach.

mathematically challenged

At the March 22, 2011 City Council Meeting, Councilwoman Polly Low said recieved 72% of the votes of those that voted. Margaret Clark said it was only 50%. So, here are the numbers-2760 people voted in the election. Councilwoman Low recieved 1989 votes, Bill Alarcon 1477 and Alejandro Gandara 600. Do the math,72% voted for Councilwoman Lowe.
On Tuesday, March 29, there is a special Council meeting, a workshop on the 2011/12 city budget. I hope Margaret brushes up on her math skills quickly as she doesn't have much time.
Even if Councilwoman Low had recieved 100% of the votes, everyone knew, in advance of the March 22 meeting that they were going to appoint Armenta as mayor pro tem. Brown Act violation?