Losing the War

Normally, I would not front-page this myself, but it's too darn good. This video is going viral on YouTube. But will the President and Democrats fight to let the Bush tax cuts lapse?

It is, frankly, disgusting

It is, frankly, disgusting that Republicans claim to be concerned about the deficit and the debt (so they won't vote to extend unemployment benefits unless they're "paid for") but are all for extending tax cuts to millionaires without figuring out how to pay for them.


I wish we'd let the tax cuts lapse, then focus on dealing more directly with unemployment. I don't really see the Republicans putting up a fight to cut off unemployment benefits.

Right now the savings rate is so high that you automatically lose 10% of the "stimulus" you'd get from extending the tax cut.

And that's just on average. The tax cut favors the rich so much that the loss is likely to be greater.

Also, I don't understand why they cut the Social Security tax. That thing should be left alone! When that cut is restored, people will feel the money being removed from their paychecks.

Obama doesn't understand people. If we're not suffering, we're seeing a lot of other people suffering. They're going jobless, or even homeless.

And now, to give extra money to the rich. This is money they were expecting to pay in taxes, because the tax cuts were going to expire. To give them money, is just wrong.

The New York Times noted that the poor making less than 20k were going to see their net tax bill go up. What the hell is that about?

Obama needs to take his scolding voice and point it at some rich people, or Republicans.

No, Obama folded like a cheap

No, Obama folded like a cheap chair. Full tax cuts that will cost us $700 billion we don't have.

Only nice thing about the deal is the 2 percentage point cut in the FICA tax. That will benefit almost all working people.