Fresh and Easy Poke

I was in the Rosemead Fresh and Easy today. I bought some pull-dated Poke. "Poke" is a Hawaiian dish, and the word rhymes with Hokie. I'm not sure what a "Hokie" is, but it's what Virginia Tech calls their teams. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by F&E's poke.

Actually, I was surprised to even see poke in a Fresh and Easy. Despite it being pull-dated (in the expiring food section of Fresh and Easy), the fish didn't smell fishy and the taste was good. Both my sashimi-eating cat and I thought it was delicious.

Their poke comes with cubes of yellowtail tuna (ahi), sliced onions, a few sliced jalenpenos, and a strange garlic and oil soy sauce. They also had sesame seed and possibly small quantities of seaweed. If they have some more the next time I go, I'll take a picture of it and post it here.