Not quite the sort of racial harmony MLK dreamed about, but. . . .

In the "old days," criminal gangs on television were always ridiculous well-integrated.

Sometimes, life imitates art. Judging by the names, at least. Asian and Latino, thieving in perfect harmony.

That's funny. Why were gangs

That's funny. Why were gangs always integrated? Most gangs are totally segregated. Some gangs are outright racist.

Is it some political message about multiculturalism?

Yes, in real-life, most gangs

Yes, in real-life, most gangs are racially segregated. But you can't have that on tv--it looks racist. So tv in the 1960s and 1970s had lots of "salt and pepper" criminals duos. That was before tv discovered Latinos and Asians.

The criminal underworld seems

The criminal underworld seems integrated, but gangs - mostly not. Wonder why that is?