Nevada's first Asian lawmaker?

reid and angle
The latest news to come out of Nevada is that Sharon Angle (the Republican seeking to replace U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Reid) is actually the first Asian lawmaker in Nevada's history. She broke the story herself. No one knows what she means by her statement, but there you are.

Sharon Angle also says that Latino kids look Asian to her.

Photo linked from tv station KWTK in Tyler Texas.

That's reeeealy weird. She

That's reeeealy weird.

She doesn't look Asian.

Linked to a picture

She's as Asian as I am Irish. Her spokesperson is claiming that "when she was in the Legislature, a reporter mistakenly referred to Sharron as being of Asian descent."

Even if that were true, her point is pretty stupid. If that's the best anecdote you've got for finding common ground between yourself and Latino high school students upset about your campaign, you shouldn't even bother coming to their classroom.

it's in the eye of the beholder

So that makes me half-white, Native American, Inuit, Latino, Chinese, Korean and a woman.