Casting a vote for chaos

The LAT has an article relevant for people in Rosemead and surrounding communities, where we have low voter turnout, a lack of civic engagement, and (possible) political corruption.

Casting a vote for chaos by Jessica Garrison and Abby Sewell.

What should people in Rosemead and surrounding communities do to increase civic engagement?

No one votes in Rosemead

Even though Rosemead was mentioned only in passing, I think we're just like those other cities in a lot of ways. Fifteen percent voter turnout is weak. Wal-Mart, Willdan, Athens--they're all buying control of our city.

The easiest way to increase voter turnout would be to consolidate our municipal elections with statewide elections. But then the tiny old minority that calls the shots would lose out, so that's not going to happen.

I recall there were some

I recall there were some "civics classes" a few years back to help Rosemead residents connect with the city and understand how it worked.

Perhaps that should be put online, and courses should be promoted.

It's just a thing, but sometimes you just do the thing for a long, long time, and then it gets better.