Azusa is Rosemead

Today's SGV Tribune has an article about the alleged parallels between Rosemead's Wal-Mart and Azusa's rock mining.

I would not necessarily take the attorneys at their word, however. One of them screwed up and worded the Rosemead petition in a way that didn't achieve the goal SOC sought, while the other aided and abetted Wal-Mart every step of the way. Neither would be expected to step up and say, "Yeah, the voters in Rosemead got screwed."

Well put. If you want to

Well put. If you want to know about a crime, asking the criminal is not always going to get you the truth!

They also didn't pursue more

They also didn't pursue more avenues of attack against Wal-Mart. Not that we had the money for that - but we did have the numbers of people.

People in Rosemead don't vote

Didn't you read the LA Times article you posted. [Just kidding!]