Illegal nanny

Gloria Allred never met a microphone she didn't want to talk into, but you have to admit she's doing a good job with Meg Whitman's illegal nanny: Just a tease yesterday, with lots of tears. Then she gave Meg a little bit of rope to hand herself (No, we didn't know she was illegal, and we never got any letter telling us that she was illegal), then she trotted out her client again today, with a blow-up of a letter that's got "Mr. Whitman's" signature on it, and a claim of additional documents the nanny fished out of the trash. Now the Whitman team doesn't know how to respond because they don't know which documents Allred has.

Now, isn't Whitman's promise to run California more like a business starting to sound a little stupid?

Meg Whitman Will Create Jobs

The other scandal is that she paid her $23 an hour, for 15 hours a week... but worked her for 50 hours a week.

I guess this is the kind of "new job" that she'd like to bring to California. "A fair day's wages... for a hard week's work."

It's funny how the

It's funny how the Republicans keep harping on the $23/hour, but never mention that she worked three times that many hours and was never compensated for her mileage. Do they just figure all workers should be willing to work in three times the hours they are paid for?

Why did she hire an unauthorized worker?

Q: Why did Meg Whitman hire an unauthorized worker to clean her mansion?

A: That's the kind of job you can't send to India.

More on the illegal nanny

This story appeared on It's just more clarification about exactly what Meg and Mr. Meg did wrong.

Navarratte raises the obvious point that their actions weren't just illegal, but politically tone-deaf. They should have known this was going to come out, and should have released the information themselves over a year ago. If they had, this controversy would have blown over months ago rather than getting stirred right as voters are making up their minds.