Stargazing, 29 October 2005, Monrovia

On a mostly unrelated note:

In case anyone is interested, the Old Towne Astronomers will be setting up telescopes in Monrovia's Old Towne [Myrtle Avenue, near Lime, at Library Park] Saturday, October 29th, 9pm to midnight.

The Old Towne Astronomers are Jane and Morris "Mojo" Jones. Their home page is

This is not a political event. It's just a chance for anyone interested to pop by and see Mars in a telescope.

I'm not an "official" member of the sidewalk astronomers. But then, sidewalk astronomy is really a pretty informal organization. So I'll be bringing my telescope to the event, too. There's no charge to look, and certainly no political litmus test.

However, to relate this event to the purpose of Save Our While I was walking the precincts of Rosemead, I could not help but compare the neighborhood around Monrovia's Old Town to the lack of any such similar place in Rosemead. I think Monrovia's Old Town is really a model for what Rosemead so desparately needs, but currently completely lacks. We have no real "old town" or "downtown." We have no such walk-in park, nor do we have a thriving downtown business district with the diversity of entertainment options found in Old Town Monrovia. We don't have anyplace that could support the wonderful Family Festival Farmer's Market that they have most Friday evenings during the year.


One of the more outrageous comments I heard during the past few years was a claim by one of the Rosemead LIES lackeys at a public hearing. They tried to make the claim that the coming of Wal-Mart to Monrovia was the reason for this resurgent old town.

Of course, this is ridiculous. The "Monrovia" Wal-Mart isn't even in Monrovia, so there's no tax revenue boost. And the whole idea behind a supercenter is that you spend all your money in one place. Monrovia's Old Town succeeds despite, not because, of the Wal-Mart, which is located about three miles south of "old town," and on the other side of the Foothill Freeway.

Anyway, I invite you to stargaze, and also to envision what Rosemead could be, if only we had more enlightened leadership in city hall.

November 12th, Weather-Permitting

October 29th was a great success. We had hundreds of visitors, many of whom were wowed by their first telescopic view of Mars.

For any one interested, Sidewalk Astronomers will again be at Myrtle and Lime Streets on Saturday, November 12th. Viewing will be of Venus, the moon, and Mars. Telescopes will be available for free public viewing from around dusk until 8 or 9pm, depending on turnout.

All of this is weather-permitting, of course. If it's cloudy on Saturday, the event is cancelled.