Speaking of Natural Gas Pipelines. . . .

Front page story in the SGV Tribune today about the large natural gas pipeline that cuts through a good chunk of the San Gabriel Valley. They had a number of pictures from Martha Baldwin School in Alhambra, which is surrounded on two sides by the pipeline.

Not mentioned is that the same pipeline also goes under the parking lot right in front of Emma Shuey School in Rosemead. It also goes right in front of my house, so there's some chance I'll go up in a puff of smoke if there's a big earthquake.

Incidentally, it's been just over five years since the Great Briefcase Scare of 2005. That's part of what makes the segment near my house slightly disconcerting--it's right out in the open, where anyone can see it. It then continues under the south end of Wells Street, under Shuey Elementary, then makes a right turn, south on Walnut Grove, all the way to the golf course.

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