9/11 runners

Surprising number of runners on our local streets this morning. I guess UFC did a good job of drumming up interest in the run and enticing people to sign up in exchange for the free trial membership.

Proceeds from entry fees is supposed to pay for the Rosemead 9/11 memorial. Not sure how much that's supposed to cost and if they got enough entries to pay for the whole thing.


I believe the total cost for the memorial is around $60,000. Looking at the number of runners and the entry fees, I'd guess it grossed somewhere in the neighborhood of $8000 or so, maybe a bit more. Nowhere near enough to pay for it, but a respectable dent, nonetheless. And since part of the goal was to continue to boost awareness that results in additional donations, I think they did okay.

(There were a fair amount of sponsorships and donated services, so that helped reduce overhead for putting on the event, and maybe netted it a little extra money.)

Overall the turnout - about 300 - 400 runners - was pretty good for a first-time event like this. And a lot of people really liked it, so I think we just got a new city event. The question will be where to put it, since there was a unique purpose behind having it on 9/11, and it's probably not the day you want to leave it on. Personally, I'd go for the Saturday before Labor Day. It keeps it right around the same time of year, so you have a certain amount of continuity, keeps it between other city events, and (I think) away from the schedules of other regional runs. We'll see.

(As for the run itself, we had pretty good city participation. Steven Ly did the 10K, finishing it with a pretty nasty ankle sprain, while Maggie and Polly did the 1-mile walk/run. I walked the 5K, since I am not supposed to be running. Sandra Armenta, new traffic commissioner Joseph Wong and (I think) City Manager Jeff Allred also participated, though I'm not sure which one they did.)

At the risk of offending people

Article in the SGV Tribune today about this. Since the writer is listed as a "correspondent," I think that means it was freelance work.

Yes, given the $60,000 cost, I guess the entry fees didn't pay for more than a small fraction of the cost. The rest may come in from donations, but even donations aren't free. There's an opportunity cost involved, which means donations made to build this memorial directly translates to a reduction in money that could/would have been donated to support after school programs or meet other city needs.

I am all for memorializing 9/11, particularly at the Ground Zero locations in Washington, Pennsylvania and New York. However, I'm not sure what message we send the terrorists when we aim to build memorials all over the country. I fear that the more we rend our garments over the tragedy, the more the terrorists gloat about how they brought down the WTC Towers and how a handful of martyrs brought mighty, Satanic America down to her knees.

Just to prevent any possible misunderstanding, I'm not saying America is Satanic--I'm saying the terrorists think we're Satanic. They think we don't have the stomach for their brand of Jihad, and they think that a handful of dedicated Jihadists can stop us in our tracks because we're not willing to make the sort of sacrifices that they are willing to make. And I fear that every time they see America come to a standstill to shed tears over the losses of 9/11, they feel a little more smug and a little more confident that we are too soft to stand up to their brand of warfare.