Oh, boo, hoo

Why are we spending city time and money fighting against something we ought to be fighting for?

A high speed rail station in El Monte? YES!

Who wants jobs, cleaner air,

Who wants jobs, cleaner air, and less traffic congestion?


I like traffic congestion, dirty air, smells, and unemployment.

That's why I ride the bus. Public transit is socialism.

I support Armenta. Please, make Rosemead into a transit-less city. Down with rail, buses, and sidewalks.

Run that train through the 60 freeway route, and let those suckers in South San Gabriel suffer the noise of the rail.

Then, force them to run buses up and down through the area to service this train. The noise, the smell!

Imagine all those people crowding into the station at the Montebello Town Center. Oooooh, steamy and crowded. Imagine all the people at Montebello Plaza. How "ghetto". And all the people who work in L.A. What a bunch of losers.

No to the train on the 10! Yes to the train on the 60!