More on "Soft Path"

Some time ago, I posted about the hard path v. soft path approach to environmentalism.

A new soft path project is moving forward at Cal Tech.

Really, at this point, any school or city with large quantities of rooftop or parking lots in need of shading (this means pretty much every city or school district) ought to be investigating these things. Even a small net profit is more than those rooftops are generating today, and it helps send the message that we're serious about increasing our energy independence and reducing our greenhouse gases. It has the side benefit of creating additional green jobs. Also, as these projects become more common and the infrastructure is developed, the unit cost for projects in the future will also come down.

This is a much more constructive approach than simply braying about unfunded mandates.

Photo credit: Keith Birmimgham, SGV Tribune

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Any reduction in energy costs

Any reduction in energy costs is good.

Even an increase is tolerable if you trade off the increase for stability. The last 15 years have been a rollercoaster ride of fluctuating energy and fuel costs. Who ever thought that high energy costs would affect the economy?