Another Brave Nothing

On a related note, I knew that all the Bell controversy would lead at least one stupid person to stand up and say how good it was that Rosemead didn't become a charter city (as though every charter city has Bell's problems). Last night's meeting did not disappoint in that respect, although it was a pretty tremendous waste of time.

I wonder if someone were attacking Gary Taylor if he'd let them ramble on indefinitely? Because if you let some people exceed the supposed time limit because you agree with what they're saying, you can't cut other people off just because you disagreee with what them. Well, okay, you CAN cut them off, but then you'd be violating the First Amendment. Time limits during public comment either apply to everyone or to no one.

If it was the lack of a

If it was the lack of a charter that saved Rosemead, is that just another way of saying the incumbents were not to be trusted and that they would have raised salaries given the opportunity?