Gray Water!

Gray water is used water that's being reused for something else. Maybe shower water is reused to water the lawn, or flush the toilet. There's a website that's kind of dead right now - but they are focused on public policy issues around gray water in California.

They did this leading up to the passing of the graywater laws.

I heard about this when it passed, but didn't think much about it -- but it represents a lot of potential new jobs, and huge savings in water, which we need.

Is Rosemead doing anything to promote the use of gray water or mandating its use in new construction, or giving discounts to people who install some kind of legal gray water system?

Garvey School District and Recycled Water

This was in the news a few months back. Garvey School District has been very proactive in making use of recycled water. The funny part was some politicians from the city of Rosemead (which had nothing to do and had done nothing to support this project) were still running around trying to take credit for someone else's work. Well, that's not the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last time.

Thats cool

Then maybe that lawn of theirs can green up a little bit.

I'm not doing the gray water thing right now, but I try to do things like use shower water on the plants, and save the water in the tub and soak my clothes in it.

I read of one person who used a small pond pump to send her tub water to her back-yard garden. The new law would prohibit that somewhat - you have to set up a water reclamation area so the water is discharged into a bed of mulch. I guess it has to be soaked up by the mulch so the mosquitoes won't lay eggs in standing water.

With water shortages getting worse, people are going to need to reuse water to have a lawn or garden.

Photos of a legal system that sends laundry water to the yard.