White Lighting is Green

LED street lights use a fraction of the electricity of sodium pressure lighting. Los Angeles is in the process of switching over. As long as they do the shielding properly, this should be a win for the environment and for the city residents who are afraid of the dark.

If the past is any predictor of the future, Rosemead will probably start switching over in about twenty years.

Green Power Future

And wasting money in the meantime.

The suburbs need to start planning out their green energy futures. They have enough land to make it feasible to do some solar power.

Some, like Montebello, probably have gas deposits they can leverage to operate small power plants. They also have the dump, which already generates power.

I think that there might be potential in water treatment along the rivers to gather crud and extract and other gas. They can extract gas from wood waste, too.

Power plants are unpopular, but as they get smaller and more efficient, and focused on municipal needs rather than "exporting" energy to surrounding communities, they'll become more popular.