"I'm not dead, yet!"

More on my series of pictures from Savannah Pioneer Cemetery.

When I first saw this headstone, I thought, "I didn't know he died!" He didn't, but when he does, former Rosemead mayor Ken Pike will still have Rosemead in his heart. :D

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World War II veteran?

I am looking for a Kenneth Pike that was in World War II in the Pacific. He should be about the same age as this Kenneth Pike and lived in Rosemead, CA. A close friend from the 27th is looking for him.

Can anyone tell me if this man might be him? Please respond or email me at jeffrey.woods@gmail.com. Thank you.

I'd say the odds are good.

I'd say the odds are good. Pike has lived in Rosemead a LONG time, and he is a veteran. I don't know for a fact that he's a WWII veteran or that he served in the Pacific, but he's definitely a veteran.

I did a search on whitepages.com for his name, and a local phone number did come up. So, if you're so inclined, you can repeat the search and try the number.