Tea Party Advocates Who Scorn Socialism Want a Government Job

This hilarious story from Bloomberg is making the rounds. It turns out that Tea Party nuts support government spending more than the average Republican.

They rail on and on about "socialism" but don't know what it is. They overwhelmingly believe that the VA hospital system is not socialist -- when it's one of the most socialized systems we have in the US!

They even interviewed a couple Teabaggers who happened to be government workers.

I have talked to a few Teabagger types here and there, and, it's really surprising how much they were in favor of expanding Medicaid. One even went on about how messed up Obamacare was, but, really liked the idea of the mandate to purchase insurance, and the expansion of Medicaid. They were to the LEFT of Obamacare, it turned out in the end.

Personally, I think they just dislike Obama because he's Black. The hidden code language of racism is that "black" = "welfare" and "socialism". The only black leader they like is MLK, probably because he's dead and wouldn't bristle at the way he's being misinterpreted.

Not surprising

We saw the same thing in Rosemead, where people really didn't understand what the city government was and was not doing.

Actually, it's the same with religion. If you ask people their religion and then ask them about specific beliefs, you'll find out most hold a number of beliefs that make them apostates in their own houses of worship.

Yes. There are also great

Yes. There are also great misunderstandings about the different roles of the Federal, State and local government.