We like traditional American values

This clip reminds me of Proud Rosemead Partners in Crime (or what ever they want to call themselves, now), because they like to think they represent traditional American values.

Earlier this week, the Rosemead Afrikaaner party continued their war against everyone who didn't support them in the last election by voting to shut down CAL Poultry in two years. Period. No extensions.

I just think it's funny that the these Afrikaaners complain that Asians need to adapt to American ways, when it's the Chinese American Live Poultry (CAL Poultry) guys that are doing what was always permitted in Rosemead before, while it's the no-Priders who keep changing the rules on them.

I also think it's funny that I'm going to make these Afrikaaners run to Google to figure out that they're being insulted.