Tran: Focus on Rosemead

Tran: Focus on Rosemead
Opinions, Whittier Daily News, 15 March 2005

"Tran should step down from his school board seat immediately so he can concentrate on issues within Rosemead. Those who overwhelmingly elected Tran deserve his full attention and undivided loyalty. California law backs that premise."

Is John Tran still planning to stay on the Garvey School Board until November.? Perhaps he should re-consider...

At least they're putting a "f

At least they're putting a "focus on Rosemead"... they don't ever look at this area at all!

What I don't get is why this is such a big issue. My instincts say there's a deeper reason not being discussed here. Politicians normally want to use these situations to promote someone into office. Perhaps there's nobody out there that's in the inner circle.

The SGV News didn't endorse Tran because they're pro-WM. So, it's natural to be suspicious of their motives too.