Marlene Shinen, SGVTrib, Feb 28

Anti-Wal-Mart slate

I want to express my admiration for the dedicated hardworking Rosemead residents who have worked so diligently to overcome all obstacles in their fight to prevent a Wal- Mart Superstore from-being built in southern Rosemead.

These residents went to City Council meetings and voiced their concerns about the problems a Wal-Mart big-box development would cause the residential area. They cited facts and statistics about traffic gridlock and noise and air pollution. But all to no avail. The five members of the Rosemead City Council ignored the pleas of their constituents and approved Wal-Mart's proposal.

But Rosemead residents did not give up. They gathered enough signatures on a referendum petition to gain the right to vote on the project. Through a technicality the Council prevented a citizens' vote by following a Wal-Mart strategy and rescinding the ordinance itself.

But Rosemead residents did not give up. They are now backing an anti-Wal-Mart slate of candidates for the March 8 municipal election: John Nunez, John Tran, and write-in candidate Polly Low.

It has been a long and arduous campaign. I wish them well.

Marlene Shinen

South San Gabriel