Off to Greener Pastures

It's official: Rosemead's "interim" city manager didn't even stick around long enough to get his seat warm. He's accepted a job as city manager of Los Alamitos.

Meanwhile, Rosemead is left rudderless, without a leader, as the city's budget is being assembled. I guess the new direction Maggie and her team wanted to chart is to run around in circles like a chicken without its head.

I'm sure the uncertainty that this second transition in a month is doing wonders for the morale and confidence of all of our city's employees. . . .

"Ready, fire, aim," I guess.

"Ready, fire, aim," I guess.

Note that the 90 day clock on firing department managers started with the election, regardless of who was city manager. Firing the city manager at the first opportunity was clearly intended to send a chilling message to the department heads.

Great going, Maggie. There's no better way to make your staff give up on you than to send them the message that they are all short-timers.