Thalehaha and Roaring Rift Falls

Thalehaha and Roaring Rift Falls, Above Altadena

Above Altadena, a bit east of Lake Avenue, is Rubio Canyon. That used to be where people boarded a train for a ride up a very steep incline to the "White City" on Echo Mountain. It's also where Altadena gets its water, and where a surprisingly tall waterfall called "Thalehaha" can be found. Water drops some 80 feet down a narrow break in the rocks.

I took the picture above around 3pm on an early February day. The water's in the shadow, so I'm thinking if I can get back up there around noon or 1pm, the lighting will be better.

Below Thalehaha is Roaring Rift Falls. Further downstream are several other waterfalls. None are as impressive as Thalehaha, but all can be scenic, at least after rains have fallen in the local mountains.

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