"The sun 'll come out, tomorrow. . . ."

This picture makes me laugh. So does the story. Betty "Uncle Tom" Chu doesn't want people to confuse her with Judy? Well, then, why doesn't she run with HER OWN NAME?

Credit: Photo by Keith Birmingham, SGVN

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Not the most flattering

Not the most flattering picture. Almost makes you think the SGVN doesn't like her. It's scarry when I agree with a newspaper that often plays so fast and lose with the facts.

Lulz. What's messed is that


What's messed is that she seems to have a respectable resume. Participating in this farce has made her the butt of jokes and upset some people. The press played it up that these 2 Chus don't like each other -- or don't like each other now.

Nobody wins, and Betty Tom Chu loses big.