Still good, even if no longer "Made in Rosemead"

Sriracha Rooster Sauce

Thanks to some amazing incompetence by our city leaders and the taxpayer-subsidized Chamber of Commerce, Sriracha is no longer made in Rosemead. But it still tastes great!

It being Super Bowl weekend, Yahoo linked some "Buffalo wing" recipes that use Sriracha.

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To where are they moving?


They started negotiating with Irwindale in February, purchased a property in October and are in the process of moving their operations. They may still be making bottles in Rosemead--but not for long.

When a Tribune reporter asked Rosemead city council members for a comment, they were completely clueless. Of course, this is the sort of thing that a decent Chamber of Commerce is supposed to prevent. Work with the city and the business to keep them both happy. Instead, our useless Chamber of Commerce either didn't know Huy Fong was moving, or never bothered to tell the city what they knew. This makes you wonder why the city bothers supporting the Chamber at all.

That's a real shame. Huy

That's a real shame. Huy Fong's bottle and rooster are probably the most famous thing coming out of Rosemead. People go ga-ga for the sriracha sauce. This guy has a tattoo of the chicken.

It seems like everyone calls it sriracha, but the brand is Huy Fong, and the generic name of the sauce is sriracha.

I read their website and it's fascinating. The recipe is from Vietnam, but sriracha is a Thai-style sauce. The chile they use is red jalapeno. Huy Fong is the name of the boat that the owner came over on.

It seems somewhat American, though, because of the jalapeno. That's probably why it's popular - people are familiar with jalapeno, which is a really tasty chile.

I've had other bottled srirachas, but they are a bit thinner and have a different flavor. Perhaps they're more authentic - but the Huy Fong style is more like thick, hot ketchup and the jalapeno taste is good, and totally familiar from eating lots of nachos.