Sanitation Workers and Montebello Residents to Protest Trash Hauler Exclusivity on Thursday

[I just got this press release in my inbox. It's from the Teamsters.]

Sanitation Workers and Residents to Deliver Petitions to Montebello City Hall Urging that Vote Granting Trash Hauler Exclusive Rights be Rescinded

While trash pick-up fees for residents will increase, workers doing the trash pick-up lose out

WHAT: A delegation of sanitation workers and Montebello City residents will deliver thousands of petitions this Thursday to the Montebello City Clerk’s Office. The petitions urge the council to overturn a July 23rd vote in which they approved to grant exclusive rights to Athens Services. The decision makes Athens Services the only waste disposal company allowed to do business in the city, leaving nearly a dozen independent haulers, most of which provided their workers good wages and benefits to find work elsewhere.

Under the new contract, businesses in the city will not be able to go out to bid for trash haulers. They have to use Athens – leaving city residents to deal with higher fees. Montebello residents currently pay $19.82 a month for waste pickup and now will pay an additional $2 a month. In July 2009, the fee will increase to $23.82. In addition, workers doing the trash-pick under previous haulers will either face lay-offs or a decrease in wages and benefits.

Mayor Bill Molinari and Councilwoman Mary Anne Saucedo-Rodriguez voted against the contract. The remaining three members, Robert Urteaga, Kathy Salazar, and Rosemarie Vasquez voted in favor.

WHEN: Thursday, August 21, 2008 – 1:00 PM

WHERE: Montebello City Hall (City Clerk’s Office)
1600 West Beverly Blvd. Montebello, CA

WHO: Dozens of Sanitation workers and Montebello residents