Raconteur Robles Relates: Rotten Rascals' "Recall Rally" Rescheduled. Reason? Rambunctious Rainstorm.

Postponed per precocious precipitation, at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, February 18, the group which mailed Montebello City Councilmembers Urteaga and Salazar notices of the upcoming recall campaign will reveal their identity and reasons for said campaign. Per spokesman Chris Robles, it will happen on the steps of Montebello City Hall at 1600 W. Beverly Blvd. I am not in this group, but I can empathize with their desire for honest government free of venality. All supportive people are urged to attend.

I have no stake in the

I have no stake in the Montebello recall, either. But I do sympathize when a group goes through the effort of qualifying a referendum and the city council members in power fail to use their discretion to allow a vote of the people.

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Not about the press conference (which should begin in a few hours), but about the notice of intent filed with Montebello's City Clerk on Friday.